Things to Do in Argolis

magic Argolis

Nafplio city, old town, amazing Argolis, magic place

Nafplio city, old town, amazing Argolis, magic place, next to Mycenae, next to us.....


The charming Peloponnesian port town of Nafplio is small, cozy, and strollable. Though it has plenty of tourism, Nafplio is both elegant and proud,...

The top place in Europe to travel in 2016: The Peloponnese – Lonely Planet

Travellers to Greece tend to flock to the myriad islands or marvel at the iconic Acropolis, but one of the country’s most diverse, vibrant...

One Day Trip to Argolida with John Grivogiannis

Starting from Athens - driving along the coastal highway towards Peloponissos - famous Canal of Corinthos (through Isthmus connects the Corinthian Gulf with the Saronic...

The Acropolis of Mycenae

No matter how much you have already heard about Mycenae, it can’t compare to an actual visit to the site. The Acropolis of Mycenae...