Old Pots – Terracotta Mediterranean pots – Olive Jars

Greek terracotta pottery

At Silo Art Factory in Mycenae you’ll find old jars, terracotta pots and other old objects, antiques and original works of art.

Start a garden in terracotta pots inside or on a patio. Not only is terracotta clay more natural and aesthetic looking, it is better for your plants than plastic materials.

You can find them in natural tones, but they are often painted in fun colours. They come in a variety of sizes to fit small to large plants and flowers.

Mediterranean Outdoor Pots and Planters

Planters are a great way to bring nature indoors, onto your patio or even up high on your balcony. Some styles, like raised garden beds and vertical garden designs, can even augment an already established green landscape. The modular nature of Mediterranean garden planters and planter boxes means you can create as small or as large a landscape as you like.




Plant pots: Clustered around your patio or balcony, garden pots instantly add a casual finishing touch and brilliant colors. You can use them as architectural or sculptural accessories as well.

Clay: Terra-cotta and clay pots have a unique look, making them a popular choice for gardeners worldwide. Thanks to their porous qualities, they provide exceptional airflow to your plants’ roots.

Silo Art Factory maintains one of the largest inventory of fine European garden design décor  including a wide selection of Greek terracotta pottery, French Anduze pottery and Greek terracotta planters. We are also one of the largest stocking distributor of US’s premier manufacturer of glazed terracotta pottery.

Silo Art Factory offers a large selection of pottery, planters, fountains, statuary, and garden design accessories. We also offer custom services including a variety of finishes as well as  delivery.