Cannot be missing from Excursion views …

Οι ρόδες από τον τεράστιο Δούρειο Ίππο που ετοιμάζεται…. Φανταστείτε το μέγεθος!

Nafplion is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. It is no coincidence that it is a classic destination for excursions. Schools, couples in love, families and groups choose to spend relaxing moments. The periods of school excursions, the port is full of buses, while streets from the voices of enthusiastic students.


The Bourtzi, palamidi and walks in the alleys, in travelling to another era. What we must not forget is that on a journey, the “icing on the cake” comes from original activities that complete the “magic” and remain deeply etched in the mind. Nafplio is fortunate to include “within a RADIUS” historical sites, such as Mycenae and Epidavros.

And Mycenae, located on the road, when anyone comes from Athens-Corinth. The stop at the archaeological site with the cyclopean walls, the gate of the Lions, major Tombs, the Museum, and other attractions taken for granted for schools, because of great historic importance. Although this visit is useful and necessary for educational purposes, often students, themselves tired especially appreciate the trip as a getaway from the everyday learning.

doureios_ippos-300x224What is needed is a complementary activity that combines learning with pleasure and unforgettable experience. Sought, i.e., the “icing on the cake” for which we are talking above. The Silo Art Factory located at Mycenae is a unique art space which among other things offers experiential workshops pottery, tying the story and the ancient techniques with today. Symbol of space has become the famous Trojan horse, a creation of artist Stelios d. Marangou.

There is no greater satisfaction for the people of Silo Art Factory, from seeing, at the departure of visitors, painted smile on their faces.


Nafplion is a wonderful place to visit, but really the Silo Art Factory cannot be absent from such a trip! Say yes to the alternative tourism!