General Makrygiannis gazes to Mills ... The bronze statue is dedicated to the contribution in the battle of the Myloi, Argolis. Located across from the train station to the Myloi, Argolis.

8 Metropolitan Bishops

These are the 8 Metropolitans Bishops of Mantineia and Kynouria from 1833 to today. It is made of copper. Located in Metropolis of Agios Vasilios Tripoli.

Mother with many children

In Stelios was commissioned by the Association of large families of Argos to construct a statue that commemorates the Mother with many children, since he has also big family. The copper statue dominates the square Dervenakion (sitaropazaro)...


The Trojan horse is "hallmark" for Stelios d. Maragkos from and the Silo Art Factory. It is constructed from a side of old wood and on the other from old metal parts. The height...